Why work with me?

Aside of making coaching fun and a life changing experience for you, here are some reasons you should work with me:

Culinary Expert

I'm a trained culinary expert who makes healthy eating fun and practical.

Cancer Survivor

Having survived cancer, I'm deeply value the importance of good health


My programs and coaching is flexible and tailored to meet your needs.

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Healthy Kickstart Programme

Healthy Kickstart Programme


This package includes 30 minute initial health goal setting call, 2 health coaching calls, Meal planner, Health planner, and Support for 6 weeks via Email/Whatsapp.

Small changes make the greatest differences, yet when your overwhlemed with 101 changes to make. It becomes tougher than it is, that’s why we start with 1 healthy habit at a time. In this programme we will discover what are your most paining issues and turn them into goals and start incorpating healthy habits nto your lifestyle. It’s the kickstart to get you into living a healthier happier lifestyle.

If you wish to carry on working together to improve your health and lifestyle, as a returning customer you will receive £30 discount on the 365 programme.

365 Healthier Happier Lifestyle

365 Healthier Happier Lifestyle


This package includes 6 sessions of health coaching, complete health guide with recipes, meal planner, health and lifestyle planner, support via email/whatsapp.

365 healthier happier lifestyle programme goes into depth looking at your current health and lifestyle. We will work together to set goals in 3 areas of your life that will improve your health and lifestyle, at the end of the programme you will feel healthier and happier living the lifestyle you envisioned.

In the complete programme you also get the health guide and recipes, so all the information you need is at your finger tips and the recipes based on your goals wheter you want to eat heaslthy or start being gluten/dairy/sugar free, the recipes will be catered to your needs. No more searching google to find recipes that work for you.

Homemade Natural Skincare

Homemade Natural Skincare


17 recipes for skin, hair nails.

Potent recipes which are better than the high street brands, as you will learn how to make your own skincare using all natural ingredients which will nourish your skin.

This ecourse contains all the recipes you need for a complete skincare and hair care regime. Tips on lifestye how you can naturally improve the health of your skin and hair. Foods that do awesomeness for your skin and hair and foods that cause a havoc to your skin and hair. by taking your skin care into your hands, you can make exactly what will suit your skin and nourish it at a fraction of the cost of your current skincare is probably costing you. Not only will you be saving financially by making your own skincare, you will be saving your skin from the thousands of chemicals and toxins that are present in current skincare.

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